My work career began in 2012, with my master’s degree in “institutions and policies for Human Rights and peace” at the University of Padua.

Before that, I earned a bachelor degree in Political Sciences at the same University.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Master degree in “Religious studies” at the University of Padua and University Ca’ Foscari. My studies focus on Islam, interreligious discourse and Arabic language.

Social inclusion of the Roma

My specific interest in the field of Roma inclusion brought me to Ljubljana, Slovenia. There, I participated in various national and European projects related to the social, educational and work inclusion of this people.

I was involved in international projects involving countries such as Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Portugal.

Within these projects, I gained experiences on the field and skills in projects planning and application for European funds.

Reception and inclusion of refugees

The work with the Roma led me to address to the issues related to the reception and inclusion of refugees.

I decided to improve my knowledge by participating in study seminars in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Qatar.

I collaborated with two researches, in Greece and in the Western Balkans, on mapping social development projects where refugees were active participants and organizers.

Subsequently, I worked on reception and inclusion of asylum seekers in the largest asylum seekers centre of Slovenia.

There, I learned how to solve problems related to conflicts that can arise during the encounter between different cultures and religions.

Inclusive Safety

As part of my collaboration with StudioZuliani, I work on the concept of Inclusive Safety. A new perspective created to rethink safety and prevention considering cultural differences, and the needs of foreign workers in Italy, and of those who work for Italian companies abroad.

 Cultural development

 I continuously integrated my work experiences by contributing to the cultural development of these themes.

This led me to participate as a speaker, and sometimes as an organizer, in international conferences in Italy, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and Greece, and to publish my contributions in various magazines.